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Question – What uses Twitter, google Earth and Google Docs?

Answer: A 21st Century primary school class.

From the ‘ICT in my Classroom’ blog (Web Link).

Another example of early school use of technology to enhance their learning. In this examples it’s science – specifically looking at how day length varies across the UK and the differences around the world.

Google Earth was used to illustrate the movement of the Earth’s shadow.

Google Docs added a collaborative element in which the students worked in pairs on the same document. Google Docs saves changes instantly and can be shared. In this case it was shared with the rest of the class through the tutor’s laptop being linked to the SMARTBoard and each students laptop.

Twitter, and this is very interesting, was to get real data from real people. Without going into detail Twitter is a microblogging tool through which people send small updates (called tweets). Tom asked his network of peers to send in their locations for the class to work out the day length for and allow contrasts with their onw. And this was the highlight of the session – real data, from real people in real locations, “Purposeful challenges from real people. It provided the whole class an opportunity to think, if only for a few minutes, as global citizens.”

Tom states “it was an great hour or so and I believe the tools we chose to use to support our learning were the correct ones. I was of course pleased to see the children engaging with Google Docs so effortlessly, it is just part of what we do now.”, (and remember these are primary school aged kids).

Can anyone think as to how these technologies might be used within the HE environment?