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How might you use blogging to support your students in their learning?

This entry was created to support the blogging exercise from the workshop: ‘Classroom 2.0: “flattening the walls”’, (3rd International Blended Learning Conference 2008, University of Hertfordshire, UK).

Please take 5 minutes to discuss in pairs as to how you might use blogs to support your students in their learning.

For instance how might you use them alongside existing methods of instruction? Wat are the challenges? Would you blog yourself?

Please use the comments facility at the base of this entry to add your views.

The Possible Future of MLEs

Here are the slides from a presentation, made by myself and Ian Glover, at a recent Learning and Teaching Institute meeting.

The slides are taken from a series of papers we have developed concerning the possible future evolution of managed learning environments.

The rise of Web 2.0 has led many practitioners to the conclusion that social networking and peer content production and sharing sites will take over from what is now regarded as a formally structured and institution owned managed learning environments. In a way they are correct as web 2.0 empowers the student through enabling them to create content and develop a deeper connection with and ownership of the subject. However the use of web 2.0 technology often requires the learner to sign up with external providers whose intentions and purpose are commercial rather than learning and teaching. As such there are very reals issues with regards to privacy, ownership of material and long term service provision.

This presentation argues the case that MLEs will have to change and become more people-centric than ever before allowing users to develop content and make contact with others users creating hubs of people interested / working / learning in the same areas (Socialised Managed Learning Environments, SMLEs).