Tagging speech

Tag clouds have started to really interest me recently. Tag clouds can be described as a weighted list in visual design. Usually the tags are keywords assigned to web content, such as blog posts. It is difficult to decribe tag clouds visually. Essentially they consist of single words which are listed alphabetically and the importance of a tag is shown with increasinging font size. So the more a given word is used the greater the font size. For more information click here.

Anyway I think I’ve failed to adequately described tag clouds! Instead I woudl suggest having a look at what Jason Griffey has done. Basically he’s takne the text of the State of the Union address and remixed the top 75 words into a tag cloud. So you get a different interpretation of the content, of what was being said. Not only that but he’s doen it for the 2007 address as well so that you can compare both clouds and see how the underlying content to the speech has changed.

2008 address: click here

2007 address: click here

It would be interesting to see how this pattern recognition might be applied to other speeches. Even essays? We would gain a deeper understadning? A hirtherto hidden meaning.

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