Does Mobile Technology equate with Mobile Learning?

Form the blog of Leonard Low. A brief discussion on the nature of mobile learning. Here mobile learning is defined in terms of the mobility of the user and their learning experience rather than the technology.

“vMobile learning is, after all, about the mobility of learning, and not merely the mobility of technology, which is a different thing altogether; but how we achieve that mobility of learning must consider the context of the learning, and not just the use of mobile technology, if it is to achieve its full potential.”.

Some of the attached comments to the post are also interesting: “Best practices and quality resources in online learning are full of interactive activities that engage the learner; many educators are going nuts over the ability to “walk around” in virtual 3D worlds in SecondLife. Yet mobile learning can provide the ultimate in interactivity, with learners engaging and interacting with the real world; and the ultimate in 3D worlds in this “FirstLife”, with textures, smells, and feedback that aren’t even a remote possibility in virtual ones. Shouldn’t we be using those opportunities?”.

It’s worth noting that the post was made in response to some observations made by Stephen Downes. A good example of the blogosphere stimulating debate.

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